About Me


Hello, I am Mitch, and I live in Adelaide, Australia with my wife, Khin. We run a small business from home, with the help of our feline friend, Panda.

I created this blog to talk about our life in general, with a few key focuses.

Minimalism and intentional living – we’ve always liked to keep things simple, but are now pursuing a minimal life in earnest. Having less things to worry about means we can focus on the few things that truly matter to us.

Low Spending – while still having fun! We want to enjoy life as much as possible, without being constantly in debt or broke.

Financial Independence – it’s our long-term goal, and why we try to spend low. If we can be financially independent, then we have the freedom to do more of what we want, with no worries for the future.

Living a full and happy life – We want to use the three focuses above to have the most enjoyable time, with the freedom of mind, money and time.

Hopefully you’ll enjoy it.

Thanks for reading.

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