Cosy Minimalism – What is it?

Minimalism is a topic which has been talked about many times, by people from many walks of life. I would like to talk instead about cosy minimalism – a balance between keeping your possessions under control, and keeping your home as a cosy, inviting place to live. It’s a blend of minimalism and hygge

What is minimalism?

Minimalism is, simply put, the idea that you should own less things, so that you have the freedom focus on the more important things in life:

  • Your loved ones
  • Your friends
  • Yourself
  • Experiences
  • Special moments

The things you own, and the time you spend on them, is often much more than you think. By having less things, you can gain more mental space for what truly matters to you. Minimalism can also apply to the way that you spend your time – spending more time on things that add value to your life.

If you’d like to read more, here is the best place to start! It’s a post by The Minimalists, who are likely the most famous minimalists out there. They also added links at the bottom of the post to other minimalist bloggers who have written a definition or FAQ about minimalism.


What is hygge?

Hygge is a danish concept, which roughly means: warmth, cosiness, and special moments shared with those close to you. Some hallmarks of hygge are candles, throw blankets and pillows, but it can be whatever feels most inviting and cosy to you.

Hygge is credited as one of the reasons Denmark is consistently rated as the happiest country on Earth. The first place I discovered Hygge, and the best place to read about it, is The Little Book of Hygge by Meik Wiking of the Happiness Institute.


Why Cosy Minimalism?

Khin and I naturally gravitated towards cosy minimalism. We discovered the minimalism trend at around the same time that we discovered the hygge trend.

For a while we leaned towards minimalism, because we had too much stuff at the time. We both cleared out our wardrobe, donating clothes that we hadn’t worn in a long time. We got rid of old furniture, as well as odds and ends that we didn’t use (like old modems, books we never read, DVDs we never watched). All over, we made at least a dozen stops to our local op-shops to donate our old things.

After some time clearing out, we began to slowly add touches that made it feel more like home. Plants make both Khin and I very happy, so we have them throughout the house. We added some throws blankets and pillows for cosying up on cold nights. We added candles as well.

It ended up balancing somewhere inbetween hygge and minimalist, and so we settled on cosy minimalism. Now our house is warm, cosy and inviting, but does not have too much stuff to look after. Just right.

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