Finding Joy – Part 2

This is the second part of Finding Joy – you can read the first part here

I watched the above video a few days back, and it inspired me to notice where I find joy in life.

In my previous post I talked about some of the bigger things that I want to do (and a couple I have done). Today I want to talk about the everyday joy, the ones that I can come back to again and again. Although I opened with the big ones that don’t happen as often in life, these everyday joys are the more important ones that make my life more joyful!

My Small Joy List (so far)

Go Kayaking Somewhere Beautiful

Khin and I love to go out kayaking on rivers, lakes and on the ocean. Since getting our inflatable kayak online in January, we have used it in the Port River Dolphin Sanctuary, Second Valley, Horseshoe Bay, and Encounter Lakes (pictured below). Winter is coming now so it may be a bit more difficult, but we’ll try to head out when we can.

Being on the water is a beautiful experience, and I love it most when being on a kayak. It is a truly joyful experience.


Seeing fireworks on a holiday

I will admit I stole this idea completely from the Ted talk above, but I do find fireworks to be joyful! On Australia Day and New Years Day, it’s so much fun to go somewhere they’re putting on fireworks.

Getting close to nature

I’ve lost count how many times I’ve been to Botanic Gardens and Zoos. In the past year I would say it’s decidedly in the double-digits for each – Khin and I have a membership for the Adelaide Zoo, and the Adelaide Botanic Gardens is also one of our go-to spots for a fun day out. That’s not even counting the other places we go out in nature outside of this.

Being out among the trees, beside a river, or on a hilly trail, it’s easy to get swept up in the fresh smell of the air, or the wonder of the life around you.

Here’s a gorgeous autumn view in the Mount Lofty Botanic Gardens, where we went just last month.


A thousand other little things

  • Looking up on a clear starry night
  • Exploring and discovering new places
  • Hearing birdsong in the morning
  • Drinking hot chocolate with my wife on a cold night
  • Hearing a busker play music on the street
  • Watching one of my favourite Studio Ghibli movies
  • Listening to smooth jazz
  • Seeing a huge flock of birds soaring across the sky
  • The sound of heavy rain


So, what makes you joyful in life?


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