Finding Joy – Part 1

I just wanted to share some inspiration today. Ingrid Fetell has an excellent Ted Talk on joy, and how to find it in life. You can watch it below:


This has inspired me to start finding more joy in life, and to start a “Joy List” – a list of the things that I want to try in life that will I think will bring me joy. I even checked one off yesterday! These are the big ones, that I want to do once in life – tomorrow I’ll post about the small(er) joys in life that come by more often!

My Big Joy List (so far)

View Joe Hisaishi in Concert – DONE!

It was an amazing experience to watch Joe Hisaishi perform in concert, and it brought joyful tears to my eyes. Although I’ve already done this, it was on my Joy List before I knew I had one, and it’s something I will never forget.

Visit a Jazz Bar


Ride a luxury train – something like the Orient Express from the recent movie


Stay in the Reversible Destiny apartments (from the video above)


Visit Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Japan (set to do this in November!)


Wander the streets on a beautiful foggy night – DONE!


It’s a rare occurrence for a night to be deeply foggy here, but last night I chanced to look outside and could barely see from the fog! I called for Khin to come and see, and we went out in the surreal gloom, illuminated by the filtered street lamps. We walked for a long time, talking and enjoying the experience.

It was a beautiful experience that filled me with so much joy! We didn’t bring a camera (so that’s not my photo above), but the experience is one I’ll remember for a long time to come.

What brings you joy in life? Are there any things you’ve always wanted to do but never “got around to it”?

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