Meal Prep – Easier Lunches for Busy Days

Life can get busy sometimes, and any extra time you can buy for yourself is an added bonus.

My wife and I have been trying out meal prepping over the last few weeks, and we are finding it to be an excellent way to get a delicious lunch with less time invested each day. Preparing for one day means that you have lunch every other day of the week without the hassle – and the prep day is fun and doesn’t take too much longer than a single lunch preparation. That gives us the freedom to enjoy more time of our days, and use it for relaxing, hobbies or other interests.

Since we work from home, this works out well because work time is flexible. A quicker lunch means I can finish work early. Lunch prep still works great if you are working elsewhere though, because you can bring your lunch to work (thus saving on costly eating out). Instead of finding a cafe/restaurant/fast food joint, queuing or waiting for food, and forking over your hard earned money, you can heat up your meal and take it with you to a nearby park for a more relaxing lunch break.

This week we made two meals, so that we can have a bit of variety and so that it can last a little longer than a week. First was chicken rice – a popular dish in Singapore where Khin used to live before moving to Australia. Second was pulled chicken burritos.


Firstly we poached two whole chickens, one for each dish. They’re seasoned with lemongrass, ginger, garlic, onion and some thyme from the herb garden


Then we pulled apart the chicken breasts from both for the burritos. The other parts we turned into smallish pieces for the chicken rice.

While cooking the rice in the chicken stock we used onion, burrito seasoning and tomato to create a nice mix for the chicken breasts.


We prepared some veggies and guacamole, and brought it all together into tortillas. Since it’s the first time making this, we just used store-bought tortillas instead of making from scratch – next time I’m going to try making it though!


We wrapped them all up, and ended up making enough to last us for six days! Here is the completed tower – we froze some of them so that we can eat them next week.


When the chicken rice finished cooking, we fried some peas in chive butter (from our herb garden chives), and served on top. They were enough for five days, so we froze a couple of them, as well as having it for lunch today!


Overall it was a great success today, and I hope to make some more delicious meals like this. It really gives a chance to both save time, and to do more time-intense recipes. Last week was roast lamb and veg with pumpkin soup, absolutely delicious! Thanks to The Financial Diet and Reddit’s Meal Prep Sunday for the inspiration to begin.

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